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During these 10 days, we'll celebrate everything about remote work, {including you}! Our goal is to show how diverse, amazing, and interesting our community is, so we'll have a series of videos and events to showcase that. We need your help.

Participate in our Remote Work Success Stories. Here's how.

Remote Work Success Stories

How has remote work changed how you work and live? We'll explore it during these celebrations. Be part of the people we showcase during our events by sending a 45-second video where you share your remote work success story. The video has to include where you currently work and your name. Please also answer any of these questions (you can answer more than one if you have time):

  • How has remote work changed your personal life
  • How has remote work changed how you work
  • What your career has developed thanks to remote work
  • What you have learned about yourself by working remotely
  • What you have learned about work by working remotely

Duration: Max. 45 seconds
Format: MP4
The name of the file should follow this structure: SuccessStories_YourName_YourCountry.mp4
Last day to send your video: September 22
Send it to

Ready to participate?

Remember, these don't need to be professional videos, we're just looking to feature as many as you as possible. Just make sure we can listen to you correctly and you're good to go!

Send a video of your success stories to and sign up to be part of our celebrations to see yourself there.